††††††††††† My best friend the German Schafer dog Ingoddís Barry was born in a town in Norway named Trondheim march 12 th1990. We get him may 7th 1990 and he has lived together with us until he died July 10th2000. So long he lived he loved to walk in the forest. And when he was young we tried to learn him to be a good dog as could follow the footprint. And he loved to work with that! But it stopped because my foot could not follow him in the woods in full speed. So he had to be a good family dog. But one of our neighbours loved to use skiing in the wintertime in the wood. And he had a lapp sleighBarry loved to draw with the children of the neighbour into it. So he did do that for years until it stopped last winter because his back had got calcinations. So the rest of his life he walked in the forest and anywhere ells together with me and my girlfriend in his own speed. But he was a very special dog. He understood so much, and we was saying the only thing he couldnít was speak like a human being. When Barry and I was walking out in the woods, and we came to places where the was difficult to walk, Barry stopped and mark that was difficult for me to walk just right there, so he stood still until I was over that place. And he was my girlfriend best guard, but we didnít ever learned him in that way, but he understood it very well. So even he never got to be a show dog, or anything brave thing for us and for all people who met Barry on their way in the life, they all loved him very much, and will be remember him for rest of our life. I will shine piece for the memory for my best friend Barry.†††